Bitcoin briefly crosses $23,000, and Feds seize $700 million in SBF assets: CNBC Crypto World

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107 thoughts on “Bitcoin briefly crosses $23,000, and Feds seize $700 million in SBF assets: CNBC Crypto World

  1. Amazing & So grateful for your wisdom and insight during these tough times. I thought I was already an expert on Bitcoin by holding, but little did I know that trading is where you make your millions. Bitcoin investment and trading are the best but when one trades without proper knowledge and good strategy he/she will definitely get wrecked. I know how far I should have gone if I started trading and investing much earlier, but I’m grateful for the huge progress so far. I have been trading with Cryptochuang and I’ve been able to make well over 22.4btc from his insights and accurate daily signals.

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    3. I’m perplexed seeing Cryptochuang being mentioned here. Didn’t know he has been good to so many people as well.

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  2. I Will advice traders especially newbies to have orientation of trading before they get involved in it because the Crypto market has been unstable, forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. when news gets bearish start buying. “Keep it simple” That correction was the best thing that happened me. but all thanks to Gerald Ethan for his amazing skills for help me to earn 11 BTC through trading chart..

    1. Mr Gerald Ethan daily signal is top-rated and one of the best you could get when it comes to trading crypto…

    2. Nice info, i appreciate your concern this will help a lot especially to the young bitcoin investors who have no or lesser knowledge on how bitcoin market works.

  3. This past few days watching my crypto portfolio decline is very disheartening. Holding doesn’t really profit much. Any idea on how to earn better in the short run?

    1. Even with all the personal research and investigation in to coin. The most profit I have made in crypto is trading through a professional so I’m sure trading is easier with proper guidance, especially from a professional since it’s really helps reduce the chances of running into losses

    2. Who is this Mrs Jill Carlson and how does she trade , please am interested in getting to know how it all works !!

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    5. Thanks for sharing this here. A lot of beginners like me are smashed out there every day. It’s a good thing we have nice people here who want others to become successful as they are.


    1. How reliable and efficient are her services? Know this question may seem out of place but this is what I look for in a portfolio manager or broker.

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    1. @Richard Nowicka I have once heard about this Mrs Carol Ann Mcelroy trading, and her wonder’s on crypto analysis, How can I reach her I really need help.

    2. She is a trusted and popular broker who use Escrow Protective Services to ensure her investors are 100% safe.

  6. l am new to crypto currency and I Find it diffcult using these strategies. where can i find a legal broker? He will then manage my account and also teach me how to trade

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    1. I agree with you mate. Investment is the key to sustaining your financial longevity. And not just any investment but an investment with guaranteed return.

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  8. Predicting< a reversal of a trend is NOT good for business now, and even worse, I believe there is more to this market than we understand presently. When there is loss, they don't aim to increase their average, but that can only change if you have a personal trade guide and signal provider like that of Gray Walter which has made me almost 9.5btc on a 2 btc Trade capital over the last 2 months. Make a good decision. Markets fluctuate in cycles that can last anywhere from a few days to several years. In the case of B -TC, it's difficult to make a bullish case simply from looking at the charts.>>

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  18. Thank you. Just what I needed to watch. My hubby and I are directors of our farm business and own property, plus small pensions. I am nearly 52, hubby is 55. We have started to save to retire from the farm, and possibly live on rental income, I’d really appreciate you go LIVE and talk about how to earn passive income online and retire comfortably, let’s say $1M.

    1. @Steven Cooper It really isn’t about how much you save, it’s about how you manage your money. Whether you work to earn income or invest, it still boils down to income vs expenses, so yeah you may look into financial advisors for a strategy that suits your timing.

    2. @Robertson Natt I totally agree, I’m 60 and newly retired with about 1.2 million outside retirement funds, no debt, and very small dollars in retirement funds compared to my portfolio balance over the past 3 years till date. tbh, the role of the invt-advisor can only be overlooked, not denied. just have to do your research in finding a reputable one.

    3. @Alverta Freber mind sharing info on the adviser who assisted you?>> been saving for pension since age 18 – company scheme. along the way I hit higher tax, so I added to my company pension with a SIPP (tax benefits).>> I’m 46 now and would love to grow my finance more aggressively, there are a few cars I still wish to drive, a few mega holidays, etc.

    4. @Soniyaaktar-aktar Aktarsoniyaa The advisor that guides me is Autumn Lynzi Smith, most likely the internet is where to find her basic info, just search her name. She’s established…

    5. @Alverta Freber>>> thanks for saving me hours of research, curiously copied and pasted Autumn Lynzi Smith on my browser, and her site was top search, and very professional. great share!

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